Article – 1972 Gary Gygax Wargamer’s Newsletter

Reader Jervis Johnson kindly sent along the following short article by Gary Gygax, published in the October 1972 (No. 127) issue of Wargamer’s Newsletter. There’s no copyright statement on the issue from which this is taken, but it’s assumed to be copyrighted to Donald Featherstone, who began this venerable periodical in 1962.

The Dragon’s Horde – Deck of Many Things

The Deck of Many Things is a classic magic item from the first Dungeon Masters Guide which has found incarnations in many

Game Mechanics – Combat

In the Game Mechanics segment, we talked about running combat in 1st edition. Everyone has their own approach within the rules that

Creature Feature – The Creeping Pit

The Creature Feature for show #1 comes from Dragon magazine #101, the Creeping Pit. FREQUENCY: Very rare NO. APPEARING: 1 ARMOR CLASS:

Feature – A primer on old-school gaming

Our main feature for show number one was based on an essay written by Matthew Finch, A Quick Primer for Old School

GreyHawk History: Map of the Land

Well, not much to say here, except, here is a map of the land. Check it out, use it for your adventures and let us know what happened!

The Roll For Initiative Podcast is on the air!

The Roll for Initiative Podcast is live and on the air! Wait, what is it? Oh its a show that focus on

Volume 1 Issue 1 – A Primer on Old-School Gaming

Thanks for listening to our first show! Please drop by the Dragonsfoot forums or the D20 Radio Network forums and let us know what you think.

Testing how well this works!

So I got home from gaming tonight, where I am playing in a D&D 3E game. In this game I am playing