Mazes & Perils has an SRD like website up!

Yep you heard me alright, an SRD website for free basic Mazes & Perils rules all in one place so you can

Plotting out encounters – “Encounter Squares”

Some people have been asking how I plan an encounter, however big the encounter may be for the game, I use the

We Wish You A Very Scary Xmos

A little holiday treat, we at RFI wanted to share a holiday themed adventure we found over at DriveThruRPG, A Very Scary

Volume 6 Issue 188 – A D&D Christmas Carol

This week, RFI is the Christmas spirit as we discuss an adventure with a lot of Christmas Spirits; 3 to be exact,

Mazes & Perils Christmas Mega-Bundle only at Open Gaming Store!

  Check out the great savings for only $10 at Open Gaming Store as its a steal, not only do you get

What helps you focus while writing and planning?

When I like to plan for a campaign or write anything for my games, I like to queue up some music.  Normally

Keep an eye out for the Charlatan… he’s loose

Press Release from Moebius Website: Sometimes you’ll run into a character on the street, get some juicy tidbit of information, and be

Images that can help describe the adventure

You see a swirling dark portal when you open the doors Sometimes pictures can describe things during your adventure more then words

Delta Green Beta Sign up, is now open!

Sign up is live folks! You can head over to the website and check out the rules to sign up, and throw

A Mazes & Perils end of the year sale! $10 or less for stuff!

Moebius Adventures Announcement! Greetings, gamers!  It’s that time of year again when you scramble to find presents for all your gaming friends.