TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #3 – Rolling HP for Multi-Class Characters

    Looking through the book, I saw a rule about rolling hit-points for multi-class characters and decided to talk about it

Railguns & Dragons – Mutant Characters

Flipping to p109 in the basic revised book, we look at the different types of mutants and take a closer look at

Railguns & Dragons is back! Talking Magical Characters!

Yep, my wonder series on Palladium games continues and I pick up, right where I left off with Heroes Unlimited Basic, Magic

Announcement: So the RFI Minis are here to stay..

So I’ve done two Roll For Initiative Podcast mini episodes on my personal podcast channel located here: With Episode 1 and

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #2 – Talking Attributes

  Another episode of the RFI Podcast, just in Mini format with your wonderful host, the Podfather of the OSR Vince! This

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI is back.. Sort of? RFI Mini #1

  In this episode, I decided to bring back RFI, sort of. While the co-hosts of the show no longer as interested,

TheEvilDM Podcast: TSR is back, is this good or bad? YOU decide.

Hey folks, this episode I decided to talk about the whole TSR is back, and that they have filed for various trademarks

The EvilDM Podcast: update & no Orcs, Goblins and Kobolds don’t have feelings.

Hey folks, the podcast is back for today and I wanted to update people about what’s going on in life and my