Encounter Balance & fairness for older D&D editions? HA! Nope!

After seeing the whole, “there is encounter balance and fairness in older editions of D&D” argument pop back up, I decided to

Question of the Week: A Book goes missing from your collection..

Has this happened to you before? Suddenly a book goes missing from your collection, whether it be at your house, or at

Twilight 2k Solo Play – What do I need? What Rules? Starting Point?

Obviously I am going to be playing this solo or there might be a small chance I know someone who wants to

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini-Cast #14 – Voicemail about Henchmen…

Got a voicemail from The Goblin’s Henchmen, about the Max Number of Henchmen a character can have.. is it a perm number?

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini-Cast #13 – Talking Starting Gold and the Monetary system

Flipping to page 35 of the book, I go over the starting gold you get and wonder why its like that as

Thinking about Twilight 2000, Solo Play?

  One of the many games I enjoyed playing when I was younger was Twilight 2000. The big yellow book (as displayed