Volume 6 Issue 193 – Wilderness Survival Guide

This week, RFI reaches for the bookshelf and dust off the Wilderness Survival Guide. Released at the tail end of 1st Edition,

Satanic Panic Kickstarter – Government Agents combating the evils of tabletop RPGs?

So I’ve lived through the era of the “Satanic Panic” and roleplaying games in the ’80s. Yes I’m old, and yes I

#BuffySlays20 is trending today.. and why not celebrate along! #RPG

On March 10th, 1997 this little show premiered on TheWB channel all over the USA, called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  While it

Actual Play Podcast and why you SHOULD listen to as many as you can!

Most people can’t stand actual play podcasts, mostly find them boring or the audio quality is SO bad, it makes your ears

Volume 6 Issue 192 – Fiend Folio

RFI is back and delving into a little publication put out by TSR UK, called the Fiend Folio. We discuss the history

Review: Improved Round Table Initiative – what is this for 5e?

Today we are talking a look at a product from the DM’s Guild called, Improved Round Table Initiative by a guest poster

Review of Nerzugal’s Game Master Toolkit for D&D 5e

A couple of days ago, I took look at a really cool tool for a DM by Nerzagul called, “The Dungeon Master

Review of Nerzugal’s Dungeon Master Toolkit for D&D 5E

Today I am going to take a look at a great resource for DM’s, Nerzugal’s Dungeon Master Toolkit. I’m sure quite a