Volume 5 Issue 175 – Things That should not be at the table!

The RFI train keeps on going, burning up the tracks as they are here this week with a special guest, Jeff Saidek

Volume 5 Issue 174 – Round Table Talk – Community Hot Topics!

Join Vince this week as he is joined by two special guests from the gaming community to chat about the various topics

RFI 174 Recorded this weekend, Great show it was!

This weekend, I was able to sit down with two awesome guests, +Erik Tenkar  and +Timothy Brannan  to record yet another episode

Volume 5 Issue 173 – Pelinore Campaign World

The fab four bring you an interesting show about a campaign world that has been brought up, not once, not twice, but

The Face Mask of Horror – More Evil Goodness!

The Face Mask of HorrorBy The Evil GM, Pulled from his Notebooks of Doom! Now that would scare anyone! This mask is

Ring of Sinking Depression, Gives Bonus to stat!?

Ring of Sinking Depression by the Evil GM, pulled from his notebooks of doom! Price:3,000 gp Type: Ring Weight – Description: This

Ring of Healing or is it?? Muhahahah!

The Ring of Healing by the Evil GM Price:5,000 gpType: RingWeight – Description: This looks and appears to be a ring of