YT Video – RPGA Newszine – Polyhedron issue 36

#polyhedron #ADnD #DnD #Greyhawk #TSR In today’s thrilling video, we’re taking a nostalgic journey back to the vibrant era of the 1980s!

EDU Podcast: Hidden Gems in Used Books!

#Usedbooks #DMTips In today’s episode, I discuss buying used books from the store and finding a hidden gem, like a map, or

EDU Podcast: Technology in Gaming, Good or Bad? You Decide!

#Gaming #DMTips #TechnologyGaming On today’s podcast I reach into the email bag and answer a question about what I think of how

EDU Podcast: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – The Sometimes Controversial Charm Monster Spell

#DMtips #Spells #Greyhawk On today’s podcast, I flip open the AD&D 1e Player’s handbook to the 4th level Magic User spell called,

EDU Podcast: Dungeons & Dragons – The Manual of Hexterity!

#dungeonsanddragons #hexmapping #mapping On today’s podcast, I am going over the Manual of Hexterity, a pay what you will product on,

AD&D Creature Feature Theater! The Yellow Musk Creeper & Zombie!

#adnd #dungeonsanddragons #creaturefeature In today’s thrilling video episode, we look into the darkest corners of the Monster Manual to unearth two often-overlooked

EDU Podcast: Shadowrun – Giving characters the spotlight?

#GMTips #Shadowrun #RPG In this episode, I got an email from Lucas asking about how do you ensure that each archetype can

EDU Podcast: Dungeons and Dragons – Keeping players on track with modules?

#DMTips #DMAdvice #RPG In the latest episode of our podcast, I talk about a thought-provoking email inquiry about guiding players through modules

RIFTS CO-OP Actual Play! No GM, Two Players Episode 1!

In today’s episode, we embark on our mission and journey into the heart of Kansas. As part of our travels, we find

EDU Podcast: Shadowrun – Bottled Demon Module is Excellent!

#Shadowrun #BottledDemon #RPG On today’s podcast, I decided to pull out one of my favorite second edition modules to talk about, the

EDU Podcast: Dungeons and Dragons – Solo Crawling, No GM Oracle needed!

#GMlessgames #soloRPG #SoloTTRPG Welcome to the podcast and today’s topic is about playing D&D by yourself, but there is no need for

EDU Podcast: Shadowrun – Designing Missions Advice

#Shadowrun #RPG On today’s podcast, I am answering an email but this time, its about Shadowrun. The question is about designing missions

EDU Podcast: Limited Wish, How Limited is it really?

On today’s podcast, I decided to take a look at the limited wish spell, breaking it down and giving my interpretation of

Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 80 – Seran’s On Trial!

With Seran’s trial loom over his head the group tries to plan to get him out of trouble, but the Duke isn’t

CO-OP RIFTS Actual Play: Session 0 – Set up and Premise, meet the characters!

In today’s episode, we go over the game we are playing, the Premise of the game and get our orders to move

EDU Podcast: Solo RPGs – Games you can play in your head!

#soloRPG #soloroleplaying #RPG In today’s episode, I talk about a book that helped things actually click in my head for Solo Roleplaying