combat is too hard? lol

Some newer players looking back onto AD&D 1e or B/X D&D, are unsure how the combat system works. Maybe because they are

Playing in the Sandbox…

So let’s talk sandbox games.. What is a sandbox game? Well, basically its a game that a DM/GM designs for players to

Death Became Them

Death Became Them Hello Dear Readers, It’s certainly been a while. Of late I have been writing a series of short stories

Can minor detail be too much?

Yes and no. Overall, yes. Its great to add flavor or details to your tavern, inn or even town. Careful though, as

The book of pure evil!

So I’ve been hooked on this low budgeted TV show from Canada, called Todd and the book of pure evil, thanks to a player


OK so I went to bed last night, and then woke up around 2am, to see it was snowing. Big deal huh?

Why is the Sky Blue? Because the DM SAID SO!

Why why why? Players often question a DM, when they think they are being cheated out of something. I noticed this happens

Sun Sun Go…away?

Wow woke up today with some minor back pain and looked outside to see the sun was shining and the snow was

Volume 1 Issue 43 – Honor Thy Options

RFI is back this week discussing the more optional aspect of 1st edition, when we talk about Honor and Comeliness. Also we

Finally…THE ROCK… has come back to the WWE!

Ahh.. the most electricfying man in wrestling is back. The Rock is very entertaining, from his days when he came into his

Volume 1 Issue 42 – So Long and Thanks for the Peryton

This week the RFI staff brings you the answer to the life, the universe and everything. Okay, well actually they bring you

Volume 1 Issue 41 – Age Ain’t Nothing But a Die Roll

RFI brings in this new year, a little older and wiser, discussing the effects of aging in the game. We then lose