Let Me Hear the Money Talk

Let Me Hear the Money Talk Hello everyone, this week I want to discuss a portion of the game that frankly doesn’t

Volume 1 Issue 32 – THACO or not THACO?

Does THACO have a place in first edition? What’s the best way to run a game at a convention? What’s up with

Volume 1 Issue 31 – Psionics

EpicWords.com creator Jonathan Cruz joins us this week as we talk about everyone’s favorite option from the DMG – psionics! We discuss

Volume 1 Issue 30 – Mad Dogs & Irishmen (Geek Out in the Midday Sun)

We welcome Patrick Murphy, AKA “The Mad Irishman” this week. Patrick is known throughout the gaming community for his old school (and

More Human than Human

More Human than Human I will be the first to admit I am no fan of demi-humans (except perhaps the much maligned

Volume 1 Issue 29 – Crossovers

This week we welcome Michael and Colin from the Dead Games Society. More plans are made for our old-school gaming convention Low

Record of Lodoss War

In issue 28, we spoke of a great anime called “Record of Lodoss War” which was based off of a series of