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TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini-Cast #12 – Talking Secret Hit Points?

In this episode I flip to page 34 and talk about the rule Gary lists for how a DM can hide the hitpoints from players only telling them “status”. I found it interesting. I posed a few questions to those listening out as I want emails and voicemails! Send them in now!

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini-Cast #11 Email Question about percentile Attributes

 Got a facebook page message from Darin, asking about Percentile attributes for intelligence and why Gary did not use it. Its an interesting question, one that we never came across in all the years of doing RFI Podcast.

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #8 – No, no… Clerics can’t use edged weapons…sorry!

This episode I am talking about the old cleric class, the wisdom qualifications for the class and multiclass.. as well as talk about how Clerics are not allowed to use edged weapons, even when multiclassing, but hey, its your campaign, you can do as you want right?

Bundle of Holding the Catalyst Collection, System Neutral!

Saw a post on facebook about this bundle of holding, and thought it was quite interesting because of the things you can get. “The Catalyst series presents system-neutral supplements full of shops, establishments, characters, treasures, traps, and perils you can add to any fantasy adventure. This revived and expanded offer brings you all seven CityBooks,

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