TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini-Cast #12 – Talking Secret Hit Points?

In this episode I flip to page 34 and talk about the rule Gary lists for how a DM can hide the

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini-Cast #11 Email Question about percentile Attributes

 Got a facebook page message from Darin, asking about Percentile attributes for intelligence and why Gary did not use it. Its

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #10 – Talking Magical Armor Savings throws rule

10 episode in! We are rolling with these episodes! Remember every Tuesday and Thursday there will be a new mini-episode of the

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #9 – Talking about alignment changes and what happens?

In this episode, I flip to p34 in the Player’s handbook and discuss the alignment changes. What happens and how to handle

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #8 – No, no… Clerics can’t use edged weapons…sorry!

This episode I am talking about the old cleric class, the wisdom qualifications for the class and multiclass.. as well as talk

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #7 – Talking about Half Races and Racial Preferences, do you use them?

  Filling to page 8 in the book this week, I decided to take a chat and tell my experiences about using

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #6 – Voicemails and questions!

  Got a couple of voicemail questions from The Goblin’s Henchman.. He makes some good points about levels with monsters and then

Old School Mapping! Fun times!

  When I start a campaign from the beginning, I love to sit down and draw out the area. While I am

Small Update, more videos soon!

Just wanted to give a small update on what’s going on and that more videos are coming soon, I plan on starting

Bundle of Holding the Catalyst Collection, System Neutral!

Saw a post on facebook about this bundle of holding, and thought it was quite interesting because of the things you can

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #5 – Email Question about Green Slimes!

  Another RFI Mini, which will come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays of the week. In this episode DM Glenn asked a

TheEvilDM Podcast: RFI Mini #4 – Voicemails and Questions

  Hey folks a new episode today. Got two voicemails, both are from Carl of the Save or Die podcast. He asks