Not Another Long Sword

Not Another Long Sword Hello again dear reader, one thing that has always bothered me about AD&D is the overwhelming choice of

You know my Markainus City

“Is outta sight… she’s all right” Dear Readers, Some of you may wonder why I bother writing these articles.  Well truthfully it’s

Ecology of the Hill Giant

Ecology of the Hill Giant “Here he comes” I said as I handed the spying glass to captain Vance. The captain took

Volume 1 Issue 20 – You Can Never Have Too Many Dice

We’re finally here at issue 20 – after this one, you’ll no longer be able to roll a d20 to figure out

Volume 1 Issue 19 – Swords and Stationery

In Sage Advice, we tread on the touchy ground of 1st Edition vs. – well, you know. Table Manners is about NPC

The Thrill of the Hunt

Playing the Hunter Class There are many classes in the player’s handbook that represents a good majority of different adventuring stereotypes, however

Go With the Flow Gaming

Recently, while bouncing around on various rpg message boards, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of attention and time spent on minute details of games. For instance, someone wanted to know the size of a goblins middle finger in order for the GM to make a difficulty check for the ranger of this player, to see if he saw the gesture from across the bar.

Volume 1 Issue 18 – Dragonlance author Margaret Weis

This week’s guest on the show is none other than legendary author Margaret Weis. Together with Tracy Hickman, she is best known