Deck of Many Dooms

17. The Heretic; when the time comes every character will perceive the PC as a witch/warlock/whaterverelseyouburn, then burn them; a witch being burned
18. The Maidens; the PC will be mobbed by a large number of bizarrely bewitched women; several women in various states of undress

Somebody Save Me

Somebody Save Me As you walk down the darkened tunnel your nostrils are assaulted by an inescapable noxious odor that evokes your

Volume 1 Issue 37 – Hardcore History with Dan Carlin

This week Roll for Initiative has a very special guest – Hardcore History podcast host Dan Carlin. Ancient and medieval societies are

Volume 1 Issue 36 – House Rules

Just because it’s in the book doesn’t mean it’s written in stone. This week RFI discusses house rules. Also on the agenda

I’m Your Zero

I’m Your Zero Recently I have begun a new play by post campaign.  I did thinks differently than I have ever done

Ask us a question on VYou

VYou is a new service that’s kind of like Twitter for video. You ask any question you want by text, and get

Volume 1 Issue 35 – The Illusionist

Is this talk of the Illusionist being an unplayable class an illusion? What’s this about an extradimensional Pokéball? And which one of