Let’s talk experience points…

So I was flipping through the Players Guide and Dungeon Masters Guide for First Edition AD&D, noticing that to gain a level,

Finding the Flumph or: How I Learned to Stop Being Critical and Love the Fiend Folio

Having heard all the jokes and continuous needling of the Fiend Folio (I’m looking at you DM Nick), I thought it was

On Flat Surfaces

As we all know, it was once assumed the world was flat. Yes eventually some ancient scientist figured otherwise, but just imagine if the world really was as flat as a scroll. Now imagine a world as such in your game, where the pesky laws of gravity and physics need not apply.

T-shirt giveaway!

We finally got our t-shirts designed, with our great characters illustrated by Hanae Ko on the front, and a little 1st Edition

Volume 1 Issue 17 – Giants

It’s t-shirt week, the shirts are finally on sale and we’re having a giveaway. Between now and Sunday May 23rd at noon,

Who am I?

Character Backgrounds Hello dear reader, this week instead of spending time telling you simply what I think, I want to present to

Living Large

Playing as the half-ogre race Intro The core races within the 1st edition handbook are definitely interesting to say the least, one race

Volume 1 Issue 16 – Lycanthropy

This week we’re talking about all things were-. Sage Advice addresses armor class in AD&D and OSRIC, and we discuss the Poll

Frank Frazetta passes away at 82

Frank Frazetta, pioneering fantasy painter, cartoonist and illustrator, has passed away at the age of 82. He was famous for creating the

Ecology of the Dracolisk

Ecology of the Dracolisk Taken from the tome Book of the Great Reptiles as written by Martel Dundan Sage of Markainus. One

Volume 1 Issue 15 – In Which we are Beset by Demons

Our topics for issue 15 seem to have cast a curse on us this week. After missing a week to get to