Welcome to my SoloRPG’s Page, I will try to keep this updated with all the latest and greatest things I am doing with SoloRPGs.

I attempted solorpgs a while back with Twilight 2000 2e but it fell apart because for whatever reason at the time I couldn’t wrap my head around the rules, so I quickly abandoned it. Since then I have been playing Solo games with rules I know and just making up stories. I find the whole process fascinating and helps me scratch that creative itch in my mind.

I may pick up the Twilight 2k solo again, but for now I am focusing on games I know how to play inside and out, as that is the key to making it work.

Here are some quick resources I use that you can pick up in PDF form:

Below I will list out all my postings in order for those who want to follow along in my creative process.

  1. Part 1 – Thoughts on Solo RPG’ing, what system, what software?
  2. Part 2 – Moving forward with SoloRPG, set up process.
  3. Part 3