Shadowy Paths #2 Horror of Spider Point

Welcome back for another installment of Shadowy Paths. This time we will be looking at a comparatively darker module then the first. Remember all modules I review are available free from Dragonsfoot. Now let’s dive in to Horror of Spider Point… Time for the fun to begin.

Are you the right fit to be a DM?

No matter what type of role playing game you referee, there is one thing that you should think about across the board: Do you enjoy what you’re doing?

Volume 1 Issue 14 – Creating Your Own Adventure

This week we talk about the new weekly feature on, +2 to Save, and the latest installment, “How to Create Your

Volume 1 Issue 13 – Ampersands & Alliteration

This week we welcome special guest Jeff Grubb! Jeff started at TSR in 1982, where he contributed to the Monster Manual II

Creature Feature: The Frost Golem

In issue # 11, I spoke of the Frost Golem and requested the stats of this monster, well faithful listener Mike aka

Volume 1 Issue 12 – Scrolls From Greyhawk

This week is devoted to the tales of the cleric Thane, and the introduction of a brand new diary from the mysterious

Shadowy Paths #1: The Temple of Diancecht

In this series I will be looking at modules, freely available from Dragonsfoot, and giving my opinion on them. I may also sparkle some new ideas that any body may use freely with.