Bundle of Holding, Final hours, Save on Adventurer Conqueror King!

Not sure how you could pass up this deal to pick up ACKs! Its a great deal and if you’ve been on

Still working on various adventures for Mazes & Perils

Kromag art concept by Sal V Just a small look into what I was doing this week, as people are actually asking

Volume 6 Issue 190 – Blackstone’s Vault Edition 2

Listen in as Blackstone takes you on a journey through the module T1 – village of Hommlet! See if you agree with

Volume 6 Issue 189 – Dragon Magazine # 91

This week RFI goes into the Wayback Machine to the Spring of 1984 as we review Dragon Magazine #91. This issue has

Mazes & Perils Artifact: The Gemstone of Abaddon

While I was creating one of the modules for my up and coming game it struck me, Mazes & Perils had no

Black Pudding #2, sneak peek!

This week on the Old School Blues podcast, we will be taking a look at Black Pudding #2, by +James V West and

Busy start to 2017, but good for Mazes & Perils!

What have I been up to this holiday and now into the new year? Well, that’s easy since things have been so