Still working on various adventures for Mazes & Perils

Kromag art concept by Sal V
Just a small look into what I was doing this week, as people are actually asking me “what I am doing?” “what I am using? How do I break it down when I do it?” 
Well here is another peek into what I am doing and the layout. Feel free to ask questions!

  • I use onenote online for when I am on the go
  • I use onenote 2016 on mac
  • I use onenote free app on my PC
  • I have three notebooks (not shown here)
    • 1 for maps
    • 1 for adventure ideas
    • 1 for new classes, spells, creatures..etc.
That’s about it! Here is my current work as I am finishing up the Temple of the Kromags.

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