The Evil DM Podcast Dice, Dice, Dice.. dice everywhere!

Today I am talking about dice, my favorite dice, the Arby’s dice and what I think about dice in my life.

The Evil DM Podcast GMless RPGs are……stupid?

Talking about a topic that annoys the crap out of me, GMless RPGs and how they make zero sense to me and

Let’s Play Lucius – Part 1

So I decided to try something new on my channel.. well its not new exactly, but from the past. When I first

Fall of the Order Episode 66 – Bishop has been up to bad things…

The group finds some leads on Bishop as they start to investigate what exactly he’s doing on this planet and why people will not talk about him. Is he a…

The Evil DM Podcast Following up on a Voicemail, Comics and Horror movies!

A listener Jason left me a voicemail (thank you!) talking about some of his life experiences with Comics and B-Horror movies. So

The Evil DM Podcast Its cold outside, Youtube and a Cop RPG?

Man its cold outside and who wants to go outside when its raining and in the 30s temp wise? no one. So

RailGuns & Dragons – Determining Super Abilities & Powers

Notes: In this video I continue along the path and talk about Determining your super power category as well as if you

The Evil DM Podcast Monday Catch up and RFI has a lost episode?

Hey folks doing a monday catch-up so to speak, talking about the shows I’ve been doing, the Classic FASERIP Podcast and that

Fall of the Order Episode 65 – Fingers are pointed and Bishop is dead?

The group decides to take a detour to planet “Bandi” because they had to drop…

The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 3 Issue 23 – We’re back!

The show is back, as Vince brings the show up from the ashes like fin fang foom! Vince is joined by Matt, former co-host of […]

The Classic FASERIP Podcast is back, Want to listen?

Well folks on friday night, we brought back the classic FASERIP podcast. Vince sat down with former co-host Matt and talked about

The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 3 Issue 23 – We’re back!

nnVideo Stream – drive link – links to remember!nnnn* Classic Marvel Forever –* Subscribe to Vince’s YouTube channel! –

The Evil DM Podcast Starting Magic-User spells for AD&D 1e, How do you handle it?

Got a twitter question from a listener, LeroyD20 asking me how I handle starting spells for magic users in my games. While

The Evil DM Podcast Email Question: More about me & Comics

Jed The Comic guy wrote in and asked me to talk a little bit about comics, he asked me a couple of

The Evil DM Podcast What is up with D&D, WOTC? Huh?

In this episode I am talking about what is happening with D&D and how Wotc are now catering to the small percentage

The Evil DM Podcast Following up on a Voicemail about Character Death

Following up on the episode I did about character deaths, Kevin from the Redcaps Podcast calls in and leaves his thoughts about