EDU Podcast: Shadowrun – Giving characters the spotlight?

#GMTips #Shadowrun #RPG In this episode, I got an email from Lucas asking about how do you ensure that each archetype can

EDU Podcast: Interview with Buzz Dixon

#interview #BuzzDixon #GiJOE During my years as a host for the RFI Podcast, I was able to interview quite a few TSR

EDU Podcast: Let’s talk about Min-Maxing

In today’s episode I am giving my thoughts on min-maxing players and why its good and bad. Why I like it and

EDU Podcast: Let’s Talk RIFTS and Optional Backgrounds

#RIFTS #Palladiumbooks #RPG In today’s episode I take a look at some optional rules in RIFTS, called backgrounds, and go over it

EDU Podcast: X-Men Adventures in FASERIP

In this episode of the podcast, I was going through my books and I saw a X-Men Adventures comic book I had

EDU Podcast: Cursed Item Talk: Crystal Hypnosis Ball

#Dungeonsanddragons #DMTips #OSR In today’s episode, I wanted to go over a cursed item and talk about ways you can use it

EDU Podcast: The Postal Pouch: Mailbag Questions!

#Dungeonsanddragons #RPG #DMTips In today’s episode, I open up the mail bag and call this show the “Postal Pouch” and answer the

EDU Podcast: Twilight 2000 Italian Campaign

This video should have gone out this weekend, but the feed messed up, so you get two episodes today. In today’s episode,

EDU Podcast: Dream Demons in your Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns

#dungeonsanddragons #RPG #Demons In today’s episode I talk about incorporating ways to use Demons, specifically Dream Demons, like a Freddy Krueger type

EDU Podcast: Negotiation & Communication in D&D

In this episode, I flip open to the Player’s handbook and discuss the idea of Negotiation & Communication as written by Gary

EDU Podcast: Care What You Wish For…

#Dungeonsanddragons #Adnd #RPG I am going to title this episode “Careful what you wish for..” as I open up the AD&D Oriental

EDU Podcast: Spycraft Session this weekend..

#spycraft #spyRPG #RPG In this episode I decided to share a gaming session I had with my wife this weekend. We played

EDU Podcast: DC Heroes, The Vortex Campaign

#DCHeroes #Superhero #RPG In this episode, I decided to talk about my DC heroes campaign after people really enjoyed the circe campaign,

EDU Podcast: Figurines of Wondrous Power

In this episode, I decided to talk about the Figurines of Wondrous Power, originally featured in the AD&D 1e DMG. I thoroughly

EDU Podcast: Let’s Call this an RFI Mini #15 – Attack of Opportunity?

In this episode I got another private message from my facebook page, from a listener named Tom B. — Tom wanted to

EDU Podcast: Historical RPGs, Gangbusters?

In this very episode, I answer a question sent in by Jonathan K via my facebook page, asking my thoughts about historical