Another Creepy Doll

When found by the a party the doll will mark the first who touches it. If none touch it, it marks the first character to point out how creepy it looks.

Volume 1 Issue 34 – The Hallowe’en Issue

It’s the Hallowe’en episode! Witches, Great Old Ones, vampires and other ghoulish things are the topic of conversation – and we find

Brains For Dinner, Brains For Lunch

Brains For Dinner, Brains For Lunch   Hello again dear readers, It is getting close to one of my favorite times of

Volume 1 Issue 33 – Magic Users

This week, the RFI Staff discusses the role of a magic user in the party, and it’s not just lobbing fireballs behind

JaysonCON 2010

For my birthday this year, we decided to get our NY gamer friends together and have our own mini “convention.” Tavis Allison,

Tetrahedral: Isles of Akar

For better or for worse, adventures take to the high sees: young warriors for glory, lame peasants for freedom, inspired holy men in their search for their god, or mages who wish to master the skills of water parting.