Another Creepy Doll

Creepy Doll

Frequency: Very Rare
No. Appearing: 1
Armor Class: 5
Move: 6″ or infinite when not observed
Hit Dice: 4
% In Lair: Nil
Treasure Type: Nil
No. of Attacks: 2
Damage/Attack: 3-6
Special Attack: Ability Drain
Special Defense: See below.
Magic Resistance: 90%
Intelligence: High
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: S (12-15″)
Psionic Ability:Nil or 75-100
Attack/Defense Modes: C, D, E,/F, G, J,

Creepy dolls are created by the most twisted sculptors, inspired by the darkest forces, from every edge of existence. Only the most insane artists have every created a creepy doll with a conscience  of its on; the majority of dolls are injected with a soul of a once living creature or possessed by a demon.

When found by the a party the doll will mark the first who touches it. If none touch it, it marks the first character to point out how creepy it looks. Every day the marked character must save against spells or lose one point of Wisdom. For every point of wisdom drained the doll gains an additional hit point. Its eyes start glowing more and more as this occurs. When the character runs out of Wisdom the doll cuts his throat as he sleeps. The character can not be resurrected or reincarnated.

If merely thrown away the doll will appear, with its box, in one of its marks bags or backpack. If thrown into a fire the doll will go berserk and attack. If the doll is trapped inside of its box when burned there is a: 50% chance that the mark will find himself in an inter dimensional wooden room that is on fire. He will then burn to death in 5 segments; 25% chance that the doll will return in 3 days grotesquely burned; 24% chance that the doll’s corrupted soul infects a nearby newborn transforming it into a Son of Kyuss (All turned into a son immediately head in the mark’s direction, no matter how far away.); and a 1% chance it works without any problems.

when first attacked with a weapon the doll will not respond. If attacked repeatedly the doll will retaliate. The doll only attacks first if it foresees that it will be attacked and rolls on the assassination table on its first attack as a fifth level assassin. The creepy doll has a regeneration of 1 hit point per round and only takes half damage from blunt weapons. If the doll is burned at zero hit points there is a 30% chance that it returns. It receives another +10% for each body part not burned and 30% if its box is not also destroyed.

The following tables provide you with the means to generate your own creepy doll!

Holding Box

D8,D8 Body Hinge and Decoration
1 Oak Gold
2 Maple Silver
3 Pine Copper
4 Elven wood Steel
5 Stone Tin
6 Metal Iron
7 Bone Bronze
8 None None



D8,D6,D4 Hair Eyes Eye Color
1 Black Carved Red
2 White Painted Scarlet
3 Blue Attached Carmine
4 Green Gemstone Cerise
5 Brown Paper
6 Purple None
7 Roll twice
8 None


D10,D10,D10 1 2 3
1 Unclothed Sharp teeth Fourteen fingers
2 Extra appendage Broken body Glass shoes
3 Not red eyes Second head Demonic markings
4 Missing mouth Smiling Angelic markings
5 Inhuman Removable head Red skin
6 Fins Wind up Pointy ears
7 Perfectly normal Chirping Horned
8 Bleeding eyes Growing hair Wings
9 No reflection Rotatable head Hooves
10 Pregnant Cheaply dressed Armor

Unique Ability

D11 Ability Description
1 Speak with Monsters As a 6th level cleric.
2 Call Lightning As a 3rd level druid.
3 Pyrotechnics As a 3rd level druid.
4 Charm Person As a 2nd level druid.
5 Ventriloquism As a 3rd level magic-user.
6 Mirror Image As a 3rd level magic-user.
7 Hold Person As a 3rd level magic-user.
8 Phantasmal Force As a 3rd level magic-user.
9 Second Coming Even after the doll is completely destroyed, and burned, it returns in 17 days as a new doll with a new body and ability.
10 Contaminate Water As a 5th level druid.
11 Find you own, be unique.

Inspired by the Jonathan Coulton song, “Another Creepy Doll”

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  1. Mark Morrison

    got a player who hates the chuckie dolls, LOL got to put it in my adventure LOL

  2. Lass

    Fun stuff! Good Work Buzz!

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