Volume 1 Issue 34 – The Hallowe’en Issue

It’s the Hallowe’en episode!

Witches, Great Old Ones, vampires and other ghoulish things are the

topic of conversation – and we find some candy you may think twice

about eating in the Dragon’s Hoard.

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Dragons Hoard – Listener submitted by Todd Hughes 1:11:52.303

Hismana’s Candy Bag of Chaos XP value: 2000 GP Value: 4000

This appears at first glance to be nothing more than a small empty black

velvet bag the size of a coin purse, however when a character reaches

into the bag they will pull forth a piece of multi-colored taffy. The

effect of the taffy pulled forth should be rolled at random and the

character should not know what effect it will have until ingested.

Any item placed in the bag will disappear into an extra dimensional

space and can not be retrieved. A piece of candy may only be pulled from

Hismana’s Candy Bag of Chaos once per day, and the candy must be eaten

within 1 turn or it loses all magical qualities becoming normal taffy.

1-3 – Fire Breathing

4-6 – Water Breathing

7-9 – Speak with Plants

10-12 – Enlarge (Reduce)

13-15 – Levitate

16-18 – Stink Breath

19-20 – Poison

Fire Breathing – After this piece of candy is eaten whenever the

character opens his/her mouth a jet of flame will shoot forth, this

includes when trying to do something as simple as speak. This jet of

flame is 2’ in width and 3’ in length and causes 5 points of damage to

anyone struck, and the effect lasts for 1 turn.

Water Breathing – After this piece of candy is eaten the character will

be able to breath underwater in the same way as the magic-user spell of

the same name. The effect lasts for 2 turns.

Speak With Plants – After this piece of candy is eaten the character

will be able to converse with plants in the same way as the cleric spell

of the same name. This effect lasts for 5 rounds.

Enlarge (Reduce) – After this piece of candy is eaten the character will

increase in size by 100%, this effect is the same as the magic-user

spell of the same name. There is a 25% chance that instead of

increasing in size that the character will reduce in size by 50%. This

effect will last for 1 turn.

Levitate – After this piece of candy is eaten the character will begin

to rise from the ground. A weight of up to 500 pounds will levitate at a

rate of 10’ per round, the character affected cannot control whether of

not he rises. This effect lasts for 6 rounds.

Stink Breath – After this piece of candy is eaten it causes the

character to have horribly foul breath that affects everyone but the

character that ate the candy. Whenever the characters mouth is opened a

noxious yellow cloud of gas escapes covering a 10’10’10’ area and

affecting living creatures (besides the eater) within it, as if it were

the magic-user spell stinking cloud. This effect lasts for 1 turn.

Poison – This piece of candy is a potent poison, when consumed the

character eating must make a saving throw versus poison of die.

Creature Feature Theatre – Vampires & the Witch NPC Class 1:25:38.646

Outtro 1:58:48.000


8 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 34 – The Hallowe’en Issue

  1. lolz.
    not only is the assumption that aliens might not be “peaceful” (which is some what of an essentialist idea that all humans are biologically wired for ‘war’ – which isnt the case. theres tons of literature on this out there in the anthropology field. theres even other species where domineering social structures invert under different conditions [ie: Sapolsky’s baboons) but the assumption that other worlds sort of ‘extrapolate’ evolution towards anthropomorphic beings in some stage of progress towards civilization and ‘high technology’ is just as goofy.

  2. To bone up on your Lovecraft, you want to listen in to one of the very finest podcasts on the ‘net: the H. P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. Believe it or not, they are managing to work their way through the entire catalogue of Lovecraft’s stories in chronological order, discussing them in some depth and being laugh-out-loud funny. Essential listening, chaps, get started right away.

    The Cthulhu copyright is still held by Arkham House; they had already licensed it to Chaosium (who also had the rights to the Melnibone stories) who then sued TSR over both of them.

  3. Awesome – thanks for another podcast, fellas! After finally catching up on the old episodes, I’ve been in withdrawal for over a week waiting for the new one…

    Just wanted to add a thought… Sorry for posting it here, but Issue 34 doesn’t seem to have a thread in the forums yet.

    The question came up about whether or not you would allow a player to play a vampire, and the answer was a universal “no” and considering the universally evil nature of the vampire I can certainly see why everyone had that response. However, I think there might be one circumstance where it might be okay to play a vampire: A character is bitten, and is slowly becoming a vampire. There would be a lot of roleplaying opportunities in the struggle for the character to resist the transformation. It would make for an interesting conflict, especially if the character is presented with the opportunity to use his newly-manifesting vampire powers but at the cost of either accelerating the change or awakening the need to feed.

    This assumes, of course, that the vampiric aspect is temporary and the character is actively seeking a “cure.” Willingly embracing the change should be a fast-track to NPCness for the character (with a new role as pain-in-the-posterior recurring villain as an object lesson).

  4. Hey guys, good show, loved the part on H.P. Lovecraft, being that I’m a huge fan of his work. Might check this old thread from the DGS Forums posted a while back that covered beginning reading lists for Lovecraft, http://dgsforum.freeforums.org/reading-list-for-coc-and-which-to-start-with-t60.html and another good site for finding Lovecraft’s works online if you lack his stories in book-form, http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/ . Also, my favorite dedicated Lovecraft podcast to check out, Yog Radio at http://www.yog-sothoth.com/content/843-YSDC-Shows .

    I particularly enjoyed the mention you made of the association between Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. They first became correspondents after Howard read Lovecraft’s story, “The Rats in the Walls”, widely regarded as one of Lovecraft’s best works.

  5. Nice show guys. For those of you out there who are into Lovecraft and podcasts should also check out the Lovecraftian Obsession Podcast along with the Lovecraftian Literary Podcast (which was also mentioned above). I think the Dunwich Horror is probably the most DnD out of all HP’s stories.

  6. I don’t think it was a dispute re. “Deities”, I think they figured they shouldn’t advertise their competition…
    I just want to reccommend the 80s Twilight Zone series…

  7. Reanimator all the way, I love Lovecraft, creepy stuff (and funny), Howard is awesome too

    I love those grey areas

    I don’t know anything about Strahd but a Lich should beat a Vampire any time thanks to 9th level magic user spells.

    I played a male witch (or warlock) in 2nd ed. and had a lot of fun with it

  8. Just listened to this podcast and I want to comment on the Witch NPC class. In my current campaign. one player is a Witch (per Dragon Magazine #114). This class seems to work really good with the campaign and the player’s gaming style.
    I see no problem adopting this “NPC” class to an active PC.
    As we agree ADnD is about: Rulings and Not Rules, guidelines that can be followed or ignored, house-rules! house-rules! house-rules! and what works for “our” campaign….
    Keep up the good work!!!!

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