The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 1 Issue 0 – Who we are!

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Volume 7 Mini Issue 13 – Archivos

This week, we got the last of DM Matt’s interviews from Gen Con 50. In this one he talks to David Robison

The World of Arkonis Episode 04 – Licking their wounds, regroup time!

This week the groups after getting their asses handed to them by the “morlocks” in…

Volume 7 Issue 198 – Metagaming again!

This week RFI is back and cover the scourge of DM’s everywhere, Metagaming. We go over the types of metagaming, how to

Volume 7 Mini Issue 12 – Exploring Divine Intervention

RFI is back with another mini issue, and this week DMs Vince, Matt, Chrispy explore divine intervention. It’s briefly mentioned on page

The World of Arkonis Episode 03 – The tunnels are everywhere!

The group decide to bed down for the night in the inn, and decide to…

The World of Arkonis Episode 02 – Who is the Duke?

In this very adventure, our four adventurers have just woken up for the day, and…

Volume 7 Issue 197 – Classic Characters

RFI is back and this week delving in the Player’s Handbook as we talk about the in and outs of Multiclassing. From