GaryCon 2010 – Videos!

After we spoke of GaryCon 2010 in our last show and asked our listeners who went, to give us a full report.

Creating Your Own Adventure

I want to preface this article by saying I have nothing against pre-written modules, and that the information presented herein is not

Volume 1 Issue 11 – Girdles & Golems

In this issue, we talk about: Poison in AD&D – too complicated, or too simple? Playing Tips – Interrogation; not with a

Ecology of the Meazel

The creature’s webbed feet slid silently across the cold stone floor. Its attention focused solely on the golden statuette. As it reached

volume 1 Issue 10 – Luddites & Laptops

In issue 10, we dive into the mailbag and the phonebag to answer some questions about laptops at the table, magic spells

What we really look like

According to DM Bill, Jayson sounds like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, and Nick sounds like Drew Carey. He didn’t give Vince

Email: Why Laptops are great!

Recently, we got an email from a listener named Tom, who supported using laptops during his AD&D 1e game, here is what

Game Mechanics: The General Principles of Wishes

In Issue 4 we spoke of Wishes, how they are used, and what it is. Well there is two great articles in Dragon Magazine #49 about wishing, and I thought I would give you a teaser of that, by grabbing just “The General Principles of the Wishes”

Voume 1 Issue 8 – Populating Cities, the Disenchanter, Henchmen/hirelings

Hey all!  We want to know what you guys do to populate cities and towns. Plus, how would YOU use the disenchanter?

Volume 1 Issue 9 – Insanity Rules

Issue # 9! We are back, bringing you the very best in AD&D 1E! On the slate this week, we talk about the Rust Monster