volume 1 Issue 10 – Luddites & Laptops

In issue 10, we dive into the mailbag and the phonebag to answer some questions about laptops at the table, magic spells underwater, and whether Jayson sounds like Sheldon from some television show he’s never seen before.

Topics this week:

Miniatures in 1st Edition AD&D

Creature Feature Theater – The Doppleganger

Playing Tips – Establishing a stronghold

Dragon’s Hoard – Amulet of Inescapable Detection

Thane’s Tale

The Library – Order of the Stick


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  1. Peter

    I loved Ral Partha and still have many of their miniatures. They seem to still be going strong, I used miniatures for basic position but not for movement. When I first started the DM cut his own miniatures out of construction paper.

  2. Peter

    I ran a Dungeon magazine adventure where the only villain was a doppleganger but it was more of a horror thing than an ecology thing. I still have the magazine but it might take me a while to find it. (It might have been 2nd ed.)
    Denzel movie = Fallen

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