GaryCon 2010 – Videos!

After we spoke of GaryCon 2010 in our last show and asked our listeners who went, to give us a full report. Well, one of our listeners, named Jason, sent us an email and said the following:

Hi, Guys,

I was there. It was awesome. I can give you a review from my point of view if you like


Inside this email, he provided links to various photos he took during the whle convention, as well as he recorded a 6 minute video, that explores the whole place, from booth to booth, showing gaming table after gaming table. You can really see the smiles on each players face, as they jump around and roll those dice. Jason, also took the time to give us a nice long close up of the “Table of Honor” for Gary, showing the things he always had at his side during playing. I have included the still picture of the “Table of Honor” as well the nice long video! Sit back relax and enjoy this 6 minute recap of GaryCon 2010.

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