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The Orangelist AKA Richard T. Balsley Childish ‘Nazi’ like list, are you on it?

Normally I don’t get involved in such things as this, or even want to put this on my blog, but this needs to be exposed, because its horrible. We all have our political affiliation, some keep it private, while others are very outspoken in their personal lives. I, for one are one of the outspoken

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SpaceLords of Venus – Monster Race Alkmanians

Further diving into the whole, space pulp thing for use with Mazes and Perils, I’ve designed up this evil world dominating creature, Alkmanian. Evil to the core, all they care about is themselves and will enslave the Venusians, the Fearians and Earthlings to do their bidding. Move: 180’/turn Alignment: EvilHit Dice: 3Attacks: 1 weapon (Alkmanians Phase Rifle,

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