Slowing things down so you can think…

Sometimes when you are running a game, the players throw you for a loop, or turn left when you totally thought they

Starting Session, skip the “getting to know you” part, everyone knows one another.

People always ask me, “why do you always skip the getting together part of the game, or drawing us all in as

Volume 6 Issue 187 – UK1 Beyond The Crystal Cave

This week, RFI goes into the module library and pulls out the first one from the UK line of modules UK1 Beyond

SpaceLords of Venus – working away – Fearians Race

Still working away at SpaceLords of Venus, a Space Pulp edition to Mazes & Perils. Here is what my OneNote looks like

Volume 6 Issue 186 – Letters to the Editor V

This week RFI is back and dip into the mailbag of holding for another edition of Letters to the Editor. We clear

SpaceLords of Venus – Monster Race Alkmanians

Further diving into the whole, space pulp thing for use with Mazes and Perils, I’ve designed up this evil world dominating creature,

Toying with the idea of space pulp game

It’s always interested me in doing a expansion of Mazes & Perils to include rules for a “space pulp” type game, you

Volume 6 Issue 185 – Blackstone’s Vault Edition

This week, RFI opens up the vault and finds a lost episode of Blackstone’s Vault where Blackstone reviews, C2 – The Ghost