Volume 7 Issue 194 – We’re Back!

RFI is back and better than ever! Join the gang as they recap the WotC panels from Origins and preview some of

Volume 6 Issue 190 – Blackstone’s Vault Edition 2

Listen in as Blackstone takes you on a journey through the module T1 – village of Hommlet! See if you agree with

Volume 6 Issue 189 – Dragon Magazine # 91

This week RFI goes into the Wayback Machine to the Spring of 1984 as we review Dragon Magazine #91. This issue has

Volume 6 Issue 187 – UK1 Beyond The Crystal Cave

This week, RFI goes into the module library and pulls out the first one from the UK line of modules UK1 Beyond

Volume 6 Issue 186 – Letters to the Editor V

This week RFI is back and dip into the mailbag of holding for another edition of Letters to the Editor. We clear

Volume 6 Issue 180 – North Texas RPG Con Special 2

Vince and Erik continue the North Texas RPG Con special for RFI and speak with various guests at the con. Whom do

Volume 6 Issue 178 – The Hero’s Journey

In this very show, Vince and Nick are joined by DM Glen of Thaco’s Hammer Podcast to chat about James Spahn’s The

Volume 6 Issue 177 – Fungal Forest

RFI back once again and this time a fungus is among us, as we review the OSR compatible, Fungal Forest adventure setting.

Volume 5 Issue 176 – BF1 Beast Folio Vol 1

The RFI train of reviews is pulling into the station, with a review of an OSR original product that will help spark

Volume 5 Issue 175 – Things That should not be at the table!

The RFI train keeps on going, burning up the tracks as they are here this week with a special guest, Jeff Saidek

Volume 5 Issue 174 – Round Table Talk – Community Hot Topics!

Join Vince this week as he is joined by two special guests from the gaming community to chat about the various topics

Volume 5 Issue 173 – Pelinore Campaign World

The fab four bring you an interesting show about a campaign world that has been brought up, not once, not twice, but

Volume 5 Issue 172 – The Satanic Panic Years

Welcome to another brand new show from the Bad Boys of Dice, as they talk about the days of dark, the years

Volume 5 Issue 171 – The City of Brass and Elemental Campaigns

  Welcome in 2016 with a new show from the RFI Crew, as they sit down and go over adventures in the

Volume 5 Special Insert 11 – Star Wars Hol– Kidding..

  Welcome to the final show of the year, the show a lot of people asked us to do, well we did

RFI Presents: The Grievances #3 [Patreon only]

Join Vince, Sal… and ERIK  from Tenkar’s Tavern! The band is back together! This week we talk about keeping track… of things!