New MP3 Download Feed

Hey everyone. We’ve switched hosting for our MP3 downloads which means we have a new RSS feed for the MP3 downloads. The

Volume 3 Issue 109 – Paladins

Lawful stupid is not how a paladin is played, as the group sits down and talks about the various ways to play

Volume 3 Issue 108 – Letters to the Editor

This week the RFI crew is back with a show where the dig deep into the mailbag of holding and answer listeners

Volume 3 Special Insert 5 – Tim Kask

This week, DM Vince and DM Nick sit down with Tim Kask and talk Eldritch Enterprises, Gygax Magazine and much more, with

Volume 3 Special Insert 4 – Gygax Magazine Released

Gygax Magazine is officially released, as the shipments went out the door to each of its buyers, RFI got an exclusive look