A Book by its Cover

A Book by its Cover “…finally the doors were thrust open and with a great howl the spectre faded to nothingness.  There,

Volume 1 Issue 28 – Cleric!

Klerikos, clericus, clerk, clergy, cleric… it’s one of the most storied words in the Romance languages, and one of the most versatile

Ecology of the Mantari

Ecology of the Mantari  “Are you sure this thing is down here old man.”  Leanore asked as she stepped over the large

Volume 1 Issue 27 – Tricks & Traps

Julie Hoverson joins us from 19 Nocturne Boulevard this week as we talk about traps, tricks, and ten foot poles. Jim &

Greyhawk’s Secret Histories Unlocked: Vecna

Beginnings In chronicling the histories of Vecna, it is important to realize one must first rent in two the  veil of deceptions,

Volume 1 Issue 26 – Frank Mentzer

We’re back from Gen Con, and the glow will take days to wear off. This issue is devoted to our interview with

Tetrahedral: A New World

Tetrahedral’s rotation is centered around the single point where the three lighted planes meet, and its downward perpendicular line. As a result the three lighted sides cycle through the same star patterns, and the darkland’s sky only rotates.

Damn it DM I’m a Cleric not a First Aid Kit

Damn it DM I’m a Cleric not a First Aid Kit (or spicing up your priests) Player 1: “I’m going to be

Volume 1 Gen Con special dispatches 1 – 15

We’ll be doing ongoing “special dispatches” from Gen Con from now until Sunday. They’ll be going into the regular podcast feed  

Volume 1 Issue 25 – Countdown to Gen Con

It’s just a few days until the start of Gen Con 2010, and we’re raring to go. This week, we discuss XP

The Save or Die Podcast is born!

Looks like I will be adding another podcast to my line up of old school D&D podcasts, this one is called Save