Volume 1 Issue 27 – Tricks & Traps

Julie Hoverson joins us from 19 Nocturne Boulevard this week as we talk about traps, tricks, and ten foot poles.

Jim & Debbie from Gamers Rule show us The Ultimate Unofficial Collector’s Guide to AD&D, and we smash Nick’s monster to bits in the Creature Feature Theater.

Errata – we mention the new book from Jack Vance in this show, and get the title wrong. Also, while Jack Vance is indeed still active, this is not a new book, but a collection of previously published work. Sorry for the mistake.


11 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 27 – Tricks & Traps

  1. I’ll go to Low-Tech Con. Screw Connecticut! Do it in Bklyn and I’ll be there with at least 2-3 old gaming buddies. Gamma-World dude…my bro’s mutated animal shooting himself in the paw trying to use a lazer pistol…good memories.

  2. Alright a new show! I couldn’t comment last show I was deep in the woods. Good job on the interviews. Most podcasters cannot pull that skill off.

  3. Great show, er ah, issue! I’m not so keen on killer traps, but Julie is a card! You guys should get her to visit on a semi-regularly basis. She brings much geek street cred, although you guys can handle your own in that area, Keep it up, gents!

  4. Great episode, probably my second favorite to date, and I loved Julie’s comments,the wonderfully exuberant guest with the references to The Prisoner and The Magic Christian (nose out of the Rembrandt). So far my #1 favorite episode was the delightful role play discussion regarding the hopping worms of Kyuss a few weeks ago. Probably my favorite trick/trap I’ve created as a DM was a series of illusions around each other so when the party broke one illusion what was revealed was the second illusion, they didn’t even know where they were.

  5. Just want to also say that Julie was an absolute riot to listen to. I hope you guys can get her back on the show at some point.

    Great episode, and it got me thinking about how I use traps. It was a wonderful observation that (I think) Jayson pointed out when he said that a good trap transcends system and can fit in anywhere. I know my Star Wars players are going to find some pretty insidious traps in some Sith tombs now that I’ve gotten to thinking about them again.

  6. One of the funniest traps I have made as DM. A rope stretched across the floor, if tripped would let some rocks fall on the adventures head for 1d3 damage. It was such an obvious trap, they were terrified to go near it. That was a hilarious, had to be there moment.

  7. “If you hate retro so much then why did you get a facelift?”

    Okay, Julie is now officially my favorite person in the whole world.

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