Palladium Megaverse Podcast – Heroes Unlimited – Episode 1

Welcome to the start of a new series for us at, Heroes Unlimited. Listen in the group gets introduced and then sent out on their first recover asset mission….

Fall of the Order Episode 69 – The Final Battle, this is the end (of it all).

The final show down between Bishop and the group, but is Bishop really evil or doing what he thinks is right? An old “friend” from the past shows up and…

Fall of the Order Episode 68 – Bishop’s Knights are the ones behind it all?

After doing some investigative work the group finds out Bishop might still be alive and his now dubbed Knights are behind this, but who is really giving the orders? Characters…

The Evil DM Podcast What are your first experiences with RPGS

I had put this up on my youtube channel, but people wanted it also on my audio podcast for easy travel listening.

Fall of the Order Episode 67 – An Investigator shows up…

After things go down, the group is left standing over a dead body and questions need to be asked as the planet side police are on the case. Characters include:…

The Evil DM Podcast Cookie Cutter Creatures, no way!

Quick update today as I’m off, but wanted to also talk about my thoughts on how I handle cookie cutter creatures in

The Evil DM Podcast Escapism is the key to our hobby, start a new campaign!

In this episode I decided to talk about what makes roleplaying games so much fun in our hobby. The reason why we

The Evil DM Podcast Closer to 1K on YT and Talking Portal Worlds in your Campaign!

In this episode I talk about getting closer to 1k on youtube and then talk about portal world campaigns and how it

Palladium Megaverse Podcast – DeadWinter Ep 15 – Bonus Episode 2

In this bonus episode, the group picks up where they left off exploring the mysterious Piggly Wiggly store… is it for real? This game takes place in Texas Cast of…

RFI Podcast -Volume 10 Issue 221 – The “Lost Episode”

  Welcome to the lost episode of the RFI Podcast. Join Vince, Matt, Nick and Will as they talking about gaming, and

Palladium Megaverse Podcast – DeadWinter Ep 14 – Bonus Episode 1

In this bonus episode, Dr Nobles, Mike and Petrov realize their group is running out of food & supplies. So they head to a small town while scouting out, called…

Just thinking….Mission or “Hub” Based Campaigns

  so today on my youtube channel, I decided to talk about Hub missions or mission based campaigns. Where characters can go,

The Evil DM Podcast Talking about Older editions and why we play them

In this episode today, I decided to ponder thoughts about why I play older editions of various games and why we should

The Evil DM Podcast Monday morning, weekend recap of gaming and life

Welcome to monday folks! another podcast is out and about for your ears as I talk about the weekend, Halloween & gaming