EDU Podcast: A Planet Where Apes Evolved from Men? Terra Primate!

#Unisystem #D10 #PlanetoftheApes I was speaking with a co-worker about roleplaying games and he was looking forward to a Planet of the

EDU Podcast: Gencon 2011, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Game.

#Buffy #BuffyVampireSlayer #RPG Today’s podcast is another story about a game I was involved in that had an interesting twist. It took

EDU Podcast: Drinking Potions during combat?

#DND #RPG Today on the podcast, after reading some interesting threads online via reddit, I decided to talk about drinking potions during

EDU Podcast: Wandering Monster, Random Encounter. Why is it not liked?

#TTRPG #DND #WanderingMonsters On the podcast today, I talk about a subject that bothered me, that a lot of people who play

EDU Podcast: The ARC Character Background Method, do you use it?

#RPG #DND #Backstory Today on the podcast, I got an email from Mister Jay Johnson that asked about character backstories, and how

EDU Podcast: GURPS, Its an interesting system.

#GURPS #RPG Today on the podcast I decided, after speaking to a listener named Tom, to give my thoughts and experiences with

Youtube Channel Update, July 2024

Quick unlisted update video for July 2024, talking about the channel and things to come. Hopefully July is a good month for

EDU Podcast: TSR’s Gangbusters, worth a look?

#RPG #Gangbusters Today on the podcast, I got a question asking about a follow up to my Noir Detective game, and wondering

EDU Podcast: Cinematic Unisystem Detective Noir Game

#detective #Noir #RPG On today’s podcast, I discuss my solo roleplaying game I had this weekend, using the Cinematic Unisystem rules, and

EDU Podcast: Ash vs Evil Dead Gaming

#AOD #AVE #EvilDead On today’s podcast, I decided to answer an FB Message asking me about one of my solo gaming experiences

EDU Podcast: FASA Star Trek, Captain Reggie, Lt Nova & The Felonians

#Startrek #FASA #RPG Today on the podcast, I decided to talk about a story of a campaign I ran for Star Trek

EDU Podcast: Call of Cthulhu, the game and its mindset with DM Will

#CofC #cthulhu #RPG Today on the podcast, DM Will returns and we discuss the various editions of Call of Cthulhu, but mostly

EDU Podcast: Vampire: The Masquerade and Wolf Man Jack

#VtM #Vampire #RPG Today I got an email asking about my experiences with Vampire: The Masquerade. I played it for a while

EDU Podcast: DC Universe The Roleplaying Game by WEG

On Today’s Podcast, I decided to chat about the DC Universe Roleplaying Game. Its a game that wasn’t well received by fans

EDU Podcast: Mayfair’s Underground RPG, Often called DC Heroes lite?

#Underground #MayfairRPG #RPG Underground is a satirical “grim and gritty”-style superhero role playing game set in the near future. It was released

EDU Podcast: Fighting Fantasy Books are very cool!

#FightingFantasy #AdventureBooks Today on the podcast I decided to discuss the fighting fantasy books by Ian Livingstone. I found a few at