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Introducing: DeadWinter – Zombie Survival SWADE Game!

A while back, I hosted an actual play podcast called DeadWinter at and DeadWinter started as a 6 episode Zombie Survival Audio Podcast, using the Palladium rules, Dead Reign. While I enjoy the Palladium system, I kind of stayed away from the story in Dead Reign and did my own thing, created my own

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RailGuns & Dragons – Determining Super Abilities & Powers

Notes: In this video I continue along the path and talk about Determining your super power category as well as if you need to roll for you super powers. ►Helpful Links◄ (These are affiliated links, each click supports my shows) ◘ Palladium Fantasy 1e book ––1st-Edition-Rules?affiliate_id=421647 ◘ Palladium Fantasy 2e book – ◘

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RFI Podcast -Volume 10 Issue 220 – Non-Weapon Proficienies

RFI is back this week, with DM Nick and DM Matt delving in to a late addition to 1st Edition. We talk their origins, usages, and how they were a reflection of gaming at the time and more in this week issue of Roll For Initiative. Follow us on Twitter • The Show – @RFIPodcast

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