The Evil GM – Kids around the table, Let them play or No way?

When I was doing the Roll For Initiative Podcast this past Sunday, we had a question from a listener asking about what

The Evil GM – Details… details…is it in the Details?

How important are details in your campaigns or adventures? It’s easy to miss a detail or two for certain things while running

Volume 3 Issue 153 – Letters to the Editors V

Join Vince, Nick and Chad as they clean out the mailbag, answering questions from emails and voice mails. Roll For Initiative Website

The Evil GM – Minis or Tokens?

  When we game we always tend to have some type of visual on the gaming table, because not everyone is able

The Evil GM – How detailed are your Towns?

The other day on the Brain Storm Podcast – The Think Tank, we recorded an episode (yet to be released) that myself, +Glen

The Evil GM – Kick Starter “Gamer’s Notebook”

Saw this post yesterday Oubliette Magazine’s blog and I thought it is an interesting idea for a kickstarter. I’ve seen note books where it

The Evil GM – Where Do the Walls End?

This is on the topic of railroading having to say, “no”. Well its more about when to put up the wall and say,

The Evil GM – Handing Out Favor Points.

Giving out favor by the GM/DM, has been a common thing since gaming was invented. It started as just a thing around

RFI Podcast Vol 3 Mini Issue 2 – Creating Magical items

Join Vince this week as he sits down with Bryan from & Magazine, talking about creating magical items in the game.

The Evil GM – “I’m the DM, My Campaign, My Rules.”

DM Fiat, we’ve all experienced a game where the person running it changes the rules to fit the situation at hand. Maybe

The Evil GM – DM Style, On the fly vs Prepped

Some people claim that on the fly DM’ing is a natural skill, improving things left and right to entertain their players. While

The Evil GM – Actual Play Podcasts, Thoughts?

Do you listen to actual play podcasts that float around on the web? Do you find listening to other game masters weave

The Evil GM – Gaming and Drink, Bad idea?

So you sit down to gaming, after the entire week of working and in comes a buddy or two with a bottle

The Evil GM – Gaming Props – Coins

Great little site I’ve stumbled into, and it maybe worth looking into to get a few of these for your campaign or

The Evil GM – Encumbrance, do you keep track?

In all editions of all games there is always a rule about encumbrance, defining how much a character can carry on himself

The Evil GM – 9/11 Never forget.

Today is 9/11. We all remember what happened.  We all remember what we were doing that very day. You can never forget.