The Evil GM – 9/11 Never forget.

Today is 9/11.
We all remember what happened. 
We all remember what we were doing that very day.
You can never forget.
I will never forget how I lost a family member that day. I lost my Aunt.
She was a wonderful and kind person, who taught me a lot when it came to computers. She was tech savvy, and had a keen eye for things.
What hurts me the most, was the reason she was in that situation was because of me. 
I was offered a job to do desk-side technical support for Goldman Sachs, which was located in the towers.
I declined that job for some odd reason, but referred them to my Aunt who had just recently ended a contractor job. She took this job.
So I wasn’t going to post this or anything about it, but +Erik Tenkar ‘s posting about 9/11 inspired me to get on here and dedicate a post to her.

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