Volume 7 Issue 200 – Issue 359

RFI is back once this time, with Issue 200. We talking about gaming with the Demogorgon in Table Manners. DM Rules cover

The World of Arkonis Episode 06 – Who is the man in black, Part 2

In this episode, Dolan returns as he is brought up to speed about the man…

Volume 7 Special Insert – Blackstone’s Vault – Barrowmaze

This week the mysterious Blackstone appears for an mega edition of Blackstone’s Vault, as he reviews the mega dungeon, Barrowmaze. Theme Music

D&D 5e World of Arkonis Actual Play Podcast Info

  Those that have been asking after hearing about it, here it is! The Actual play podcast for the Pocket Mimic Podcast,

Volume 7 Mini Issue 14 – Introduction of New Characters

RFI is back with another Mini Issue. This week the topic is introducing new characters into your existing campaign. They cover the

The World of Arkonis Episode 05 – Who is the man in black?

In this very episode, the group deals with a mysterious man in black, who is…

Volume 7 Issue 199 – Curses, Sixguns and Sorcery

This week join RFI as they delve into the world of of sixguns and sorcery, as the cover blending Boot Hill into