EDU Podcast: Alignment changes by a DM, How do you handle it?

  Today’s topic inspired by a tweet from @memeslich ( on X, about changing alignments on a Player Character as a DM.

Cinematic Unisystem – Army of Darkness – Combat Maneuvers & Drama Points

Today, I’m diving into the spine-tingling world of The Army of Darkness Roleplaying Game by Eden Studios. If you’re a fan of

EDU Podcast: The Terminator Roleplaying Game by Nightfall Games

#Terminator #RPG #S5S Welcome to another episode of the podcast, on today’s show I discuss the Terminator Roleplaying game by Nightfall Games,

Random Rolls Chat Live: How to Fix the Terminator Movie Franchise

Last Night on the live stream we had a blast talking about various geeky things, and interacting with the community. Check it

EDU Podcast: AD&D Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide – Falling Damage!

#ADnD #TSR #Greyhawk The Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide, a book often overlooked when playing AD&D is actually a great resource if you take

EDU Podcast: Starship Troopers the RPG & Some Gaming Advice

#RPG #StarshipTroopers Today on the podcast, I decided to talk about a game probably forgotten, not because its old, but because it

EDU Podcast: Converting Your Favorite System into the Game you want!

#RPG #CovertingRPG Today on the podcast I wanted to ponder about the idea of converting your favorite gaming system into the game

Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 82 – Series Finale?

After defeating the giant monster the group has to perform the ceremony and has a choice to make to go home!

Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 81 – To the Springs!

The group made way into the mountains and tried to find the springs so they could finish up the ceremony to getting

EDU Podcast: A Planet Where Apes Evolved from Men? Terra Primate!

#Unisystem #D10 #PlanetoftheApes I was speaking with a co-worker about roleplaying games and he was looking forward to a Planet of the

EDU Podcast: Gencon 2011, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Game.

#Buffy #BuffyVampireSlayer #RPG Today’s podcast is another story about a game I was involved in that had an interesting twist. It took

EDU Podcast: Drinking Potions during combat?

#DND #RPG Today on the podcast, after reading some interesting threads online via reddit, I decided to talk about drinking potions during

EDU Podcast: Wandering Monster, Random Encounter. Why is it not liked?

#TTRPG #DND #WanderingMonsters On the podcast today, I talk about a subject that bothered me, that a lot of people who play

EDU Podcast: The ARC Character Background Method, do you use it?

#RPG #DND #Backstory Today on the podcast, I got an email from Mister Jay Johnson that asked about character backstories, and how

Celebrating 15 years for this blog!

  Today, I just noticed that 2024 marks the 15th anniversary of this blog, which has been around since 2009. That’s 15

EDU Podcast: GURPS, Its an interesting system.

#GURPS #RPG Today on the podcast I decided, after speaking to a listener named Tom, to give my thoughts and experiences with