Have a Drink on Me

Have a Drink on Me. On this past episode of the podcast the guys spoke about creating and using taverns and inns. 

Volume 1 Issue 24 – You Enter a Tavern…

Seventy-eight percent of all adventures start in a tavern (according to a statistic I just made up on the spot), but how

iPhone app: Spellbook?

That’s right folks, you heard me! Spell Book is a handheld reference for players of classic tabletop fantasy roleplaying games like Swords

Death Becomes Them

Death Becomes Them Resferlin was murdered in his sleep Julian ran into vampires and he got beat Trek fought a red dragon

Volume 1 Issue 23 – Conspiracy!

Issue 23 – and you know what that means… CONSPIRACIES! Table Manners is about introducing conspiracies into your game We introduce a

List: animals affected by Ring of Animal Friendship

Alrighty folks! Here’s the list I promised back in Issue 22, when talking about the Ring of Animal Friendship. Enjoy! Animals affected

Longest living character?

So how long have you had a character? Do you remember back in the days of playing AD&D, or even Basic D&D,

Volume 1 Issue 22 – Are We Not Men? We are DMs!

AD&D is a human-sized world, where players are often rewarded by the rules for playing humans. In issue 22, we talk about

Primed and Ready

Primed and Ready  Once many moons ago, in a campaign I was running the players found a cubic gate.   Now this curious

A failed roll always brings down the player

“You missed” a common phrased used by DMs to their player, as the face of the player drops in sadness. This is

Making dragons…DRAGONS!

Do dragons need a fighting chance? Some of you may scoff at the very idea. Dragons are supposed to be the biggest

The Swamp Giant

From the Chronicles of Lord Blackstone: CY 581,  day 23, The Hool Marshes Now I understand why men fear these swamps. Even

Ecology of the Frost Giant

Ecology of the Frost Giant Varstel leaned his shoulder against the tavern door and used his thin frame to push it closed

Volume 1 Issue 21 – Evil PCs

This week’s show includes: Sage Advice – Magic items and props Table Manners – Playing with Evil PCs Sticklers Spotlight – The

GreyHawk Map for Sale!

That’s right folks, some of you have asked is there a place I can grab a Greyhawk world map? Well yes you can! The fine folks over at Paizo publishing are selling the poster map for only $10!