GreyHawk Map for Sale!

That’s right folks, some of you have asked is there a place I can grab a Greyhawk world map? Well yes you can! The fine folks over at Paizo publishing are selling the poster map for only $10!

“Greyhawk Poster Map: All Four Quadrants
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Originally included with Dungeon issues 118–121, these four full-color poster map sections combine to create a 42″x60″ World of Greyhawk map. ”

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2 thoughts on “GreyHawk Map for Sale!

  1. Awesome! I was looking for a Greyhawk map to go with the WoG books I just purchased on eBay.

  2. I am looking for a reprint of the actual Greyhawk map that came with the World of Greyhawk Boxed set. I want that so I can laminate it and put it up on the wall. I do not need the books from the Boxed Set as I have those already. Do you know if WOTC has that available to purchase?

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