RFI Podcast Volume 10 Issue 217 – Greyhawk Primer

Welcome back to the RFI Podcast, where we are kicking off our 10 years on the air celebration with a setting primer,

Greyhawk’s Secret Histories Unlocked: Vecna

Beginnings In chronicling the histories of Vecna, it is important to realize one must first rent in two the  veil of deceptions,

GreyHawk Map for Sale!

That’s right folks, some of you have asked is there a place I can grab a Greyhawk world map? Well yes you can! The fine folks over at Paizo publishing are selling the poster map for only $10!

GreyHawk History Lesson 101: Mordenkainen

Mordenkainen’s AD&D statistics were first published in The Rogues Gallery (1980). His statistics were updated in Mordenkainen’s Fantastic Adventure (1984), The City of Greyhawk (1989), and Epic Level Handbook (2002).

GreyHawk History: Map of the Land

Well, not much to say here, except, here is a map of the land. Check it out, use it for your adventures and let us know what happened!