RFI Podcast Volume 10 Issue 217 – Greyhawk Primer

Welcome back to the RFI Podcast, where we are kicking off our 10 years on the air celebration with a setting primer, Greyhawk! Listen in as the boys talk about what you need to play Greyhawk, things you should read if you want to really dive into it and sound off on some lesser known trivia facts. All this and more!

TSR Offical Greyhawk Novels

  • 1978/79 – Quag Keep, by Andre Norton
  • 1986    – Saga of Old City by Gary Gygax
  • 1986    – Artifact of Evil by Gary Gygax
  • 1986    – Master Wolf by Rose Estes
  • 1987    – The Price of Power by Rose Estes
  • 1988    – The Demon Hand by Rose Estes
  • 1988     – The Name of the Game by Rose Estes
  • 1989    – The Eyes Have It by Rose Estes

Gord The Rogue Series by Gygax

  • 1987    – Sea of Death
  • 1987    – Night Arrant
  • 1987    – City of Hawks
  • 1988    – Come Ednless Darkness
  • 1988    – Dance of Demons



Links from the show
Canonfire! – http://www.canonfire.com/cf/index.php
World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting – https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/17392/World-of-Greyhawk-Fantasy-Game-Setting-1e?affiliate_id=421647
Greyhawk Adventures – https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/17407/Greyhawk-Adventures-1e-2e?affiliate_id=421647
Adventures Dark and Deep – https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/111944/Adventures-Dark-and-Deep-Players-Manual?affiliate_id=421647

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Vince’s Video for 40th Anniversary for PHB! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNdHUyuYqTQ

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3 thoughts on “RFI Podcast Volume 10 Issue 217 – Greyhawk Primer

  1. Although I am glad to see a new issue, I must say that it’s a bit disheartening that this great podcast has been all but abandoned of late.

    I first started listening with 1.1 in August last year and proceeded in order until I was caught up by mid November. But honestly, since then I’ve been rethinking how quickly I went through it, I kind of wish I’d taken it a bit slower for the sole reason that I’d still have additional enjoyment of the show to look forward to, beyond the occasional releases filtering out since.

    Now don’t take it negatively or personally, because I get it. I understand you guys got bored, or worn out, or ran out of ideas, or… etc. But that still does little to change the fact that it’s sorely missed… but such is life I guess.

    I want to say keep up the good work guys, but I fear that would be a moot point. So instead I will say “Thank you!” Not only for all the past issues, but also for this new Greyhawk issue… and any new ones that come in the future.

    Oh and since I didn’t seem to learn lessons, I finished blowing through Vince’s Idols & Efreeti video series last night. haha

    Since this is my first post, and already to long, why not make it longer! 😀 So a little about me!

    I’m using the NPC tag in my name because that’s the most I’ve been for years. As I am sure some of my previous play and probably characters have been at least referenced during my former group(s) play.

    I started playing in… ’84 or ’85, I think it was in my adult brothers campaign with family (even our Mom played) and their friends. I snuck books (B, B/X, 1e) and read them when I could prior to that, but wasn’t allowed to play as my brother stuck to the recommended age printed on the books (honestly I just really don’t think he wanted me to play at all.) During this time I also played some other RPG’s with my own friends. This was mostly TMNT, Heroes Unlimited and the Palladium RPG, as they were not really into and/or were restricted from playing, D&D… thanks To the 80s stigma and manufactured controversies.

    After moving away in ’90 I played in other campaigns before rejoining my brother’s campaign again a few years later and in another state. During this time I also took on DM’ing for my own group… with some player overlap.

    During the late 80’s -90’s some 2e was mixed in, but the base core remained 1e.

    Then after having kids… and soon after becoming a single parent… in the late 90’s my play obviously slowed. Ultimately I decided to break away completely because the group had become more about drinking and killing each other’s characters than actually playing the game. That was not the style of game play which I enjoyed nor was it the introduction to the game I wanted my son’s to have… thankfully this was while they were still too young to play or develop a bad taste do to the style of the group had devolved into.

    Sadly I never got back into it, nor could I properly introduce my son’s to it. Too much to do, too little time, blah , blah, you know…. life.

    My sons, who are grown now, and I now live in another state, away from everyone I’ve ever played with. But over the years (playing or not) I’ve continued building my collection, which includes all versions (even the aborted child that is 4E), but still haven’t found a group to play with.

    Long post, made even longer… please keep up the great work and understand that your efforts here have not, and will not go unnoticed and are appreciated! Even from those of use who came late to the party!

    1. thanks for the kind comments and glad you are enjoying the ride of this show with its ups and downs. Yeah, we took a little break for a while and explored doing another show so we could recharge our batteries. We’ve slowed the show down a bit as doing too much at once burns you out and after 10 years of doing this fine show, we need to slow the pace a bit. You’ll see new shows coming out, at a slower pace, but they will be good shows, much like this one.
      Sorry life got in the way of playing, but that’s basically life, it happens, you just live that life. An idea maybe go online and look for a group that plays once every 2 weeks?

  2. I’ve considered the online thing numerous times but not to sure I would be into it. I really like the in-person social aspect of playing D&D.

    Along with website & forum administration (still to this day), I used to be an online video gamer when my boys were little and had an early bedtime… gets fairly boring when the only other people in the house, both went to bed at 8 (and me being a night person… wo was awake until 12 -1am and up at 5am!) lol But after years of not having the time even for that, I’ve found the current state-of-affairs in online game-play a bit off-putting. Although that’s not likely a fair comparison.

    Maybe I’ll try it one day, if I can find a good group of people. But… if I don’t test the waters I’m never going to… and there we have my conundrum. haha

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