Sneak peek at the next Mazes & Perils Class – The Vile Witch

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on and the wonderful editing +Brian Fitzpatrick has been doing with the material I have

Volume 6 Issue 181- Character Flaws

This week RFI is back and cover character flaws and how to integrate them in your game, to add depth to your

I was asked “what’s my comics pull list look like?”

  Today I was talking to a few people on G+ and we were talking about running a superhero game at the

Some folks have been asking what’s next for Mazes & Perils.. here’s a quick look..

I Folks have been asking me, what’s next now that the new book is out and we all have it? Well there

Introducing the Mazes & Perils G+ Community! Now that the game is in many fans hands, some people will want to see “what’s next?” and this is the

The North Texas RPGCon weekend draws to a close..

While I wasn’t able to spend upwards of thousands of dollars (yes some folks did during the auctions to get amazing ORIGINAL

Volume 6 Issue 180 – North Texas RPG Con Special 2

Vince and Erik continue the North Texas RPG Con special for RFI and speak with various guests at the con. Whom do

Mazes & Perils Deluxe hits #1 on RPGNOW! Thank you everyone!

As you can see by the picture above, in less then 12 hours M&Pde has hit #1 on RPGNOW’s hottest titles today!

Volume 6 Issue 179 – North Texas RPG Con Special 1

Its Friday and the gaming begins, but first Erik Tenkar sit down and do a small intro podcast to set up the

Court rules in favor of cloned tabletop game – No protection under US copyright law

I found this article thrilling, as I am an author that has written a clone game, called Mazes & Perils, which will