Volume 6 Special Insert 9 – Drive to Origins

This is a very different episode of RFI as DM Matt, records a solo show as he drives to Origins. He talks

Volume 6 Mini Issue 8 – Death Magic Saves

This week, RFI is back with a mini issue, where we delve into Death Magic Saving Throws vs Magic Saving Throws. We

Volume 6 Issue 193 – Wilderness Survival Guide

This week, RFI reaches for the bookshelf and dust off the Wilderness Survival Guide. Released at the tail end of 1st Edition,

Volume 6 Issue 192 – Fiend Folio

RFI is back and delving into a little publication put out by TSR UK, called the Fiend Folio. We discuss the history

Volume 6 Issue 191 – Unearthed Arcana!

Join Vince, Chrispy and Nick take a close look at the Unearthed Arcana book from 1985, where most consider the start of

Volume 6 Issue 190 – Blackstone’s Vault Edition 2

Listen in as Blackstone takes you on a journey through the module T1 – village of Hommlet! See if you agree with

Volume 6 Issue 189 – Dragon Magazine # 91

This week RFI goes into the Wayback Machine to the Spring of 1984 as we review Dragon Magazine #91. This issue has

Volume 6 Issue 188 – A D&D Christmas Carol

This week, RFI is the Christmas spirit as we discuss an adventure with a lot of Christmas Spirits; 3 to be exact,

Volume 6 Issue 187 – UK1 Beyond The Crystal Cave

This week, RFI goes into the module library and pulls out the first one from the UK line of modules UK1 Beyond

Volume 6 Issue 186 – Letters to the Editor V

This week RFI is back and dip into the mailbag of holding for another edition of Letters to the Editor. We clear

Volume 6 Issue 185 – Blackstone’s Vault Edition

This week, RFI opens up the vault and finds a lost episode of Blackstone’s Vault where Blackstone reviews, C2 – The Ghost

Volume 6 Issue 184 – Haunted Houses

RFI is back with a show in the “spirit” of the season, as we talk about Haunted Houses and using them in

Volume 6 Issue 183 – Poisons

RFI is back this week, for a show that could be hazardous to your health, as we delve into poisons and the

Volume 6 Issue 182 – Sethotep

This week RFI take a trip back to Ancient Egypt, as we review Egyptian themed adventure, Sethotep found in Imagine Magazine Issue

Volume 6 Issue 181- Character Flaws

This week RFI is back and cover character flaws and how to integrate them in your game, to add depth to your

Volume 6 Issue 180 – North Texas RPG Con Special 2

Vince and Erik continue the North Texas RPG Con special for RFI and speak with various guests at the con. Whom do