EDU Podcast: Designing Campaigns from the ground up

#DMTips #CampaignDesign #dnd In today’s episode, I go through my process that works for me for building homebrew worlds for the start

EDU Podcast: Making Giant Monster End Bosses More Interesting

  #DMTips #GMTips #dnd In today’s episode I was asked a few questions from a listener, and she wanted to know how

EDU Podcast: DMs, How do you control rowdy players?

  #DMTip #DMAdvice #RPG In today’s episode, a question from a listener Carl, I cover how to handle a group full of

EDU Podcast: DM Advice on running Mystery & Investigation sessions

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EDU Podcast: Talking Homebrew races, is it possible? Octopus-People?

#dmtips #homebrew #dnd Got a message asking me for advice on creating homebrew races for D&D, and how to balance them. In

EDU Podcast: Thoughts on The Men in Black Roleplaying Game

On today’s podcast, I received a question on my facebook page from Jake asking about the Men in Black Roleplaying Game by

Players, let’s make character backgrounds better!

In today’s podcast, I go over some really cool background options I found in Spycraft that can apply to any game you

Want to create Memorable NPCs? Check out the random chart!

Today on the blog, I wanted to talk about NPC Quirks, things that make NPCs stand out, and just a small touch

Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 78 – Tomb of Nameless Fire P2

After rocks falling and the gang clearing their way out they continue on with the Tomb, and try to find the Cipher.

EDU Podcast: DMs, we are only human, own up to mistakes..

  #DMTips #GMtips #RPG #advice Today I got a message from Ryan T on my Facebook page, asking about what to do

EDU Podcast: DMs, Let’s Talk Blue Dragons!

#Dragons #DMtips #Dnd In today’s episode, I got an email from Rebecca S, asking what my favorite Dragon is to use when

EDU Podcast: DMs, So your campaign is going on hiatus…Now what?

#DMTips #GMTips #RPG So your campaign is going on break or hiatus… what does that mean, and what can you do to

EDU Podcast: The Grievances about Firearms in Fantasy Gaming

#Dungeonsanddragons #DMTips #humor Today’s episode was an episode that was recorded back in 2015 for RFI’s Patrons at the time, it was

EDU Podcast: Puzzles, GM Vs Player? hmm?

#dnd #DMTips #RPG Check out today’s podcast about Puzzles, is it a GM vs Player Situation or should it be all in

Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 77 – Tomb of Nameless Fire P1

#palladium #Fantasy #RPG In this episode the group heads out on the road to find the tomb of the nameless fire, and

EDU Podcast: Starfinder, Its an interesting system.

#Starfinder #Paizo #starfinderrpg On today’s podcast, I was challenged by a Facebook follower named, Rahul that I should take a look at