YT Video – RPGA Newszine – Polyhedron issue 36

#polyhedron #ADnD #DnD #Greyhawk #TSR In today’s thrilling video, we’re taking a nostalgic journey back to the vibrant era of the 1980s!

AD&D Creature Feature Theater! The Yellow Musk Creeper & Zombie!

#adnd #dungeonsanddragons #creaturefeature In today’s thrilling video episode, we look into the darkest corners of the Monster Manual to unearth two often-overlooked

RIFTS CO-OP Actual Play! No GM, Two Players Episode 1!

In today’s episode, we embark on our mission and journey into the heart of Kansas. As part of our travels, we find

CO-OP RIFTS Actual Play: Session 0 – Set up and Premise, meet the characters!

In today’s episode, we go over the game we are playing, the Premise of the game and get our orders to move

Idols & Efreeti is back! #58 we are looking at the CatLord!

n this episode, I bring back an old series here on the channel by popular demand I&E! This episode I flip open

The Resilient Reign of TheEvilDM: Forever in Shadows

In the murky depths of the blogosphere, a voice rises amidst the chaos. They say I will fade away, that soon it

Ko-Fi: Unlock Exclusive Benefits with TheEvilDM’s New Support Tiers!

I’m excited to announce new tiers of support for those who enjoy contributing to creators like myself. As I transition from Patreon

Youtube Short: What role do you like to play when gaming?

What is your role? Listen to the video as I describe what I mean by roles in a game, because it could

What is your favorite edition of Star Wars d6?

Today is poll day, watch the video and head on over to the following link and vote in my poll, I am

Video – Shadowrun Bytes! What is Shadowrun?

Trying out a new method of making videos here on my channel and doing some videos about Shadowrun, but old school Shadowrun!

Video – Just Thinking – May 2022 Update

Just a quick short 5 minute video talking about what’s going on in my life and this channel, a little shadowrun talk,

Youtube Video – February 2022 Channel Update – 1500 Subs! Thank you!

1500 Subs on this channel, how amazing is that? Welcome to another channel update, as I talk about what’s going on my

Question of the Week: A Book goes missing from your collection..

Has this happened to you before? Suddenly a book goes missing from your collection, whether it be at your house, or at

Railguns & Dragons – Mutant Characters

Flipping to p109 in the basic revised book, we look at the different types of mutants and take a closer look at

Savage Worlds (SWADE) Rules Part 1 – Terms & Stuff video

  Turning to P87 today we will start talking about the rules and things that are important to know before we jump