Video – Shadowrun Bytes! What is Shadowrun?

Trying out a new method of making videos here on my channel and doing some videos about Shadowrun, but old school Shadowrun! This video is just in intro, about “what is Shadowrun?” and the start of the series here on my youtube channel. IF everyone likes this and I get a good response, I will continue to explore the Shadowrun books, and lore!

I have always enjoyed the setting and feel of Shadowrun, but I always find it difficult to sell the game to people. Everyone wants to play D&D 5e these days, and I frankly sick of it, there are more games out there play and more people need to consider it.

So imagine me, a guy who wants to play Shadowrun, and an older edition at that! Most newer players snub their nose up at older games, until they of course try it and find how wonder these older games can be!

So if you want to see more videos of this nature, going over rules from the old Shadowrun 1e books, moving forward into the the later editions, please comment, like and share the videos!

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