Volume 2 Issue 72 – Oriental Adventures

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Legend of the 5 rings rpg

Today I grabbed a copy of l5r 2e, for $3. The gm and players guide. I’ve played this edition of the game,

Random Generation

As of recent I have been looking over some old games from the ’80s and noticed a pattern. A pattern we all

Volume 2 Issue 71 – Gah-nomes

Intro – 0:00.000 Winner of the write your own show is announced! Roll For Initative Android App http://www.amazon.com/Wizzard-Media-Roll-For-Initiative/dp/B0051QJFTA Sage Advice – 11:00.409

Mazes & Perils Monster: Reanimated Hand

In efforts to make the Mazes and Perils free clone rpg noticed, I’ve decided to start making up new monsters for use

Magical Crossbow.. too powerful?

I was looking up show notes for RFI and stumbled across this one in an old dragon magazine (40), and was considering

B4 – THE LOST CITY by Tom Moldvay

B4 – The Lost City by Tom Moldvay I have hosted this module only a few times in the past 25 years

B3 – Palace of the Silver Princess by T. Moldvay & J. Wells

Palace of the Silver Princess by Tom Moldvay and Jean Wells (GREEN COVER) GREEN VERSION and ORANGE VERSION: This review is on

B2 – Keep of the Borderlands by Gary Gygax

B2 – Keep on the Borderlands by Gary Gygax I have personally played through this module about 2 dozen times and DM’ed

B1 – In Search of the Unknown by Mike Carr

This is basically a dungeoncrawl and hack and slash module with very little…..