Volume 2 Issue 71 – Gah-nomes

Intro – 0:00.000
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Sage Advice – 11:00.409
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Table Manners – Gnomes 16:41.199
Player’s Handbook pg 16

“Gnomish Point of View” – Dragon Magazine Issue 61 pg 28
“All about Krynn’s Gnomes” – Dragon Magazine Issue 103 pg 18
“Gods of the Gnomes” – Dragon Magazine Issue 61 pg 31

Game Mechanics – Cursed weapons 33:51.340

Beware of Quirks and Curses” Dragon Magazine 34 pg 30
Nasty Additions to the DM’s Arsenal Dragon Magazine Issue 77 pg 20

Creature Feature Theater – The Roper 46:43.833
Monster Manual pg 83
“Ecology of the Roper” – Dragon Issue 232 pg 42

The Dragon’s Hoard – Efreeti Bottle – 56:34.297
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 143
Monster Manual pg 37

Outro / 10 Foot Poll 1:05:58.000

“You’ve just run into the Big Bad Evil Guy at the climax of your adventure and the fighters are charging into battle…what 3rd level spell will the Magic-User cast first?”
A. Fireball (who cares if the warriors get a little singed)
B. Protection from Evil, 10′ Radius (Those guys are going to need a little help in their melee)
C. Monster Summoning I (Let’s get some expendable pawns into the game)
D. Haste (Let’s get this over with more quickly)


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