Video – Just Thinking – May 2022 Update

Just a quick short 5 minute video talking about what’s going on in my life and this channel, a little shadowrun talk, and then I ask a question about how you handle a troublesome player!

Every once in a while, I run across a player who slaps down a book and tries to tell me something or someone can’t do that. I will admit that I mostly find these in public run games that more mainstream like D&D 5e, where they don’t understand the Old School Gaming mentality of “books are just guidelines” and if a GM can basically do whatever they need to do to mold the story into something fun. As long as you are consistent with rulings or rule changes and you are upfront during character creation, yes that’s what we call it, we don’t call it session 0, then there should be zero issues.

Like I was saying, I will always find one who slaps the book down proudly like he caught me, only to find out he’s just angered me. How would you handle this person?

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