Celebrating 15 years for this blog!

  Today, I just noticed that 2024 marks the 15th anniversary of this blog, which has been around since 2009. That’s 15

The Complete Course of Online Gaming

The Complete Course of Online Gaming Every one of us has played a certain video game at some point in our lives,

We Wish You A Very Scary Xmos

A little holiday treat, we at RFI wanted to share a holiday themed adventure we found over at DriveThruRPG, A Very Scary

Dungeons and Dragons Bingo

How a game of bingo can help DMs and PCs on their journey What makes Dragons and Dungeons fun is its anything-goes

Playing Paladins

Whether or not you play the paladin as a sub-class of the fighter or of the cavalier, the paladin class is a

Discourse on the Methods

As a DM, the first thing you will do when starting a new campaign is to create your world. You’ll at least

Desert Fighter

Arisel’s eyes crested the dune. The Palid Caravan marched through the sands below. I’ve caught them in time, good. The lord’s mark

RIP Jean Wells (1955 – 2012)

A little sad news is that a great person and former TSR Alumni Jean Wells has passed on. Jean worked for TSR

Tables for Minutia

Parallel universes touch every so often and share contents, alchemists blend strange material together in fire, and items are often cursed for the torment of a magic-users enemy.

OSRGAMING.ORG Forums, now open!

Hey, Classic D&D and AD&D friends! Tired of the same old OSR forums? Ten pages of neck beards arguing over To-Hit Vs.

I’ve Got a Crush on You

I’ve Got a Crush on You Hello again Dear Readers, I have something I would like to talk about before we get

Deck of Many Dooms

17. The Heretic; when the time comes every character will perceive the PC as a witch/warlock/whaterverelseyouburn, then burn them; a witch being burned
18. The Maidens; the PC will be mobbed by a large number of bizarrely bewitched women; several women in various states of undress

Somebody Save Me

Somebody Save Me As you walk down the darkened tunnel your nostrils are assaulted by an inescapable noxious odor that evokes your

Ask us a question on VYou

VYou is a new service that’s kind of like Twitter for video. You ask any question you want by text, and get

Another Creepy Doll

When found by the a party the doll will mark the first who touches it. If none touch it, it marks the first character to point out how creepy it looks.

Brains For Dinner, Brains For Lunch

Brains For Dinner, Brains For Lunch   Hello again dear readers, It is getting close to one of my favorite times of